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Dear FLEP Class of 2021,  

Congratulations on your admission to FLEP at Providence University, and welcome to this incredible, inclusive, and diverse community of learning. I am thrilled that we will have the opportunity to begin a new year of our academic lives tougher.

Moving from a familiar setting to a foreign community for a fresh start is never an easy feat. I remember my first days walking into the campus in Iowa State University, feeling incredibly excited and nervous. Everything was new to me, and I had to learn to swim in a world of foreign cultures, languages, and campus life. Similarly, as you prepare for your arrival on campus, I encourage you to consider how you will use your time here, where you will devote your talents, and how you might like to contribute your uniqueness to the Providence community. By thinking ahead, it will prepare you to face the upcoming challenges living and learning on campus. While it might be easy to continue familiar patterns in a new place, I want to remind you that your past does not define you. At Providence, you will have the chance to write your own story, and in the process, you will help create the new chapter of FLEP’s story as well. 

When you arrive on campus, you will find that our FLEP community — like our society more generally — is engaged in lively conversations about many topics. It is a place that will immerse you in diverse and honest dialogues, assisting you to transition and adapt to new surroundings smoothly. When you arrive, you will find our curriculum is alive and evolving to broaden the knowledge and perspectives we teach, as well as preparing you the necessary language and thinking skills before transitioning to your decided majors. 

In the first academic year, you are set to explore courses such as Chinese, culture, and career guidance. In second academic year, you will be able to choose your majors and departments. In order to help make your transition smoother, FLEP plans to integrate ‘Subjects content and Foreign Language learning (Mandarin & English)’ into our curriculum. The purpose is to make FLEP students better familiarize with the target learning language while engaging in subject-matter courses. Additionally, FLEP also provides courses with dual or multi-instructors with diverse backgrounds. Such multidisciplinary curriculum offers a bilingual-enhanced learning environment that aims to connect FLEP students locally and globally. 

In addition to academic learning, I also want to draw your attention to FLEP’s policy on mentorship and learning assistance. We believe that students’ learning journeys are unique to each individuals, and that sufficient guidance grounds each step before a solid take-off. As we continue to pursue academic excellence, we must not forget the importance of creating an inclusive campus experience, with the warm and loving help of the community. 

When you arrive on campus, I look forward to having many discussions with you about your education and your vision for our community. As we work towards creating a new chapter of FLEP’s history to ensure its local and global connection, we are going to encounter many changes. Making change like learning is hard. Sometimes it can even be messy. But FLEP is ready to go through the ups and lows with you. It is the nature of our work and our community. I know that by working tougher, we can positively make this journey beautiful, rewarding, and full of endless possibilities. 

May your path to self-discovery be filled with love and light. 

Yen, Chiung-Fen

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